GainJet Aviation

The Rolls Royce BR725A1-12 engine was designed especially for ultra-long-range business jets. This engine is powering the Gulfstream GVI G650 & G650ER.

BR725 is more potent than its predecessor, BR710. At the same time, with a maximum thrust of 16,900lb, it is more than 4 dB cumulative quieter. BR725 has 4% better specific fuel consumption and shows a 21% improvement in NOx emissions, a key element in GainJet’s sustainability efforts to reduce GHG emissions. It features 50-inch diameter titanium swept fan with 24 blades, designed for improved aerodynamic efficiency and lower noise. Thanks to its design, the robust high bypass configuration and the use of advanced materials, performance and fuel conservations are unmatched. BR725 has defined the top-end of the market since it entered service in 2012. The BR725 has powered the Gulfstream G650/G650ER reaching more than 1 million flight hours, breaking every speed record between city pairs.

Our P145 Maintenance organisation keeps the “beast” on its design standard with an absolute commitment to safety.

Book your flight and feel the smooth yet fascinating acceleration during the ground run for take-off on G650ER. Elegance and performance never coexisted in such a balance.