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One-stop-shop for corporate aircraft owners seeking peace of mind

GainJet offers a full suite of aircraft management services giving you the advantage of our experience in all fields, and providing you with the peace of mind that your aircraft is in the best of care. Our management services are based on turnkey solutions adaptable to the preferences and needs of our aircraft owners – either covering the entire suite of tasks required for aircraft operations or fine-tuned to our customer’s needs. 

Either way, enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership, without having to worry about dealing with the time-consuming management responsibilities required in aircraft operations.

Let our team of highly skilled professionals backed by a strong aviation infrastructure help you reduce the complex adversity of owning a corporate aircraft and maximize return on investment


Gain with GainJet

We’ve got you covered.

GainJet provides a top ranking aircraft management service administered by a highly experienced team of professionals and creative thinkers that works to raise visibility of our clients’ aircraft and increase market advantage.

We have developed a wide range of processes that effectively allows us to efficiently utilize aircraft operation, maintenance schedules and competitive pricing plans. We have a complete system in place that has proven beneficial to our clients.

Our approach is shaped to cope with today’s fast paced global demands and ever-changing market developments. We continuously monitor market trends, forecasting for any variations, and our team works innovatively to be ahead of the curve. Therefore we are proactive and quick to react, consistently working to ensure your aircraft is placed in the right market and maximizing return on investment.

The GainJet Advantage

One of the most competitive features GainJet can offer is the fact that we have developed a robust client base ranging from Heads of State and celebrities to corporations and highly affluent individuals. We have been active in our business operations for over 15 years and throughout that time we have successfully served plenty of VIP passengers, and garnered solid relations with our client base – which is ever-expanding.

In addition, we have established a strong brokerage connection around the globe creating strategic partnerships with many key parties in the industry. We value those relationships and strive to actively develop them further.

We are never complacent in our mission to increase our global network. Our team is also constantly reaching out to our partners and growing the network of prospective charter clients. We have a system in place that will guarantee that top class customers continue to use our aircraft.

Reducing the complex adversity of owning a business aircraft

What GainJet can do for you?

Our aircraft management service is focused on providing you with the highest quality services and maximum convenience, while ensuring the safety and security of your aircraft and its passengers. Your satisfaction, safety, and privacy are our top priorities. Whether you plan to utilize your aircraft commercially or simply use it for your own private use, or are interested in a hybrid solution, we’ve got you covered. We do it all:
Flight clearances & landing permits
One of the most complex parts of worldwide aircraft operations is the realm of flight clearances and landing permits. Simply crossing over the border into another country can be a difficult process. GainJet has relationships with key parties involved with flight permissions and therefore can pass that advantage on to our managed aircraft owners. We’ll get you where you need to go.
As a European aircraft operator, we offer you the top of the line of aircraft operations. We take on the complex task of the manual preparation by standards as required by EU-AIR OPERATIONS. We have the expertise to effectively compile the documentation on your behalf to get your aircraft in the air as soon as possible.
Maintenance schedules & utilization
One of the most demanding aspects of aircraft operations is the maintenance of your aircraft. There are many tasks involved in the proper maintenance and care of your aircraft. We have a full team of highly skilled technical professionals to deal with every one of those aspects – giving you the reassurance that your aircraft is in the right hands. We have the expertise to ensure that all maintenance tasks are completed in the most efficient way to safeguard the integrity of your aircraft and its flight operation. We have a wide array of technical approvals and capabilities that we pass on to our aircraft owners. We plan maintenance scheduling around the most effective operation and are active in the physical maintenance of your aircraft, especially with our wide array of line maintenance approvals. In the difficult situation of an AOG, where the flight program is affected, our team is working at full throttle to efficiently and quickly solve the problem and get your aircraft back in the air.
24/7 Operations Control Center
Our operation control center works around the clock, 24/7/365, always managing the operation of your aircraft making sure that all arrangements are in place for a smooth and effective flight. Our team of experienced dispatch and operations officers are proactively working to serve every flight.
Flight planning and weather services
There are many tasks behind flight preparation and implementation, including flight planning and weather services to ensure the best, most efficient and safest operation for flights. We have the systems in place for actively fulfilling such tasks.
European AOC Aircraft registration
As a European aircraft operator with worldwide operations, we offer you many advantages including access to a wide market for commercial use of your aircraft. For those individuals that want to take advantage of our European AOC for unrestricted commercial operations, we take on the complex task of registering your aircraft under our AOC as required by EASA and the Civil Aviation Authorities. We also deal with all aspects of compliance under the operation of your aircraft under our AOC.
Private Aircraft registration on Bermuda, Guernsey, Isle of Man etc.
GainJet has several approvals and plenty of experience with the State aircraft registries of several popular countries for private use; including Bermuda, Isle of Man and Guernsey. We also have the ability for Non-Commercial Complex operations and can pass on to you those advantages. We can efficiently register your aircraft and have you flying as soon as possible.
Aircrew selection and training
We have a full Flight Ops and Flight Standards team dedicated to aircrew management and training. We have extensive expertise to select aircrew on your behalf and manage the whole process for compliance and beyond, including training.
Fueling management
Fuel accounts to being one of the largest operational expenses for your aircraft. Let our team of fuel experts take on the responsibility of managing this demanding task in the most efficient manner. Additionally, we have strong existing relationships with fuel suppliers worldwide which have been established over our many years of operation. We are able to pass on to you the advantages that come with our preferential relationships. Furthermore, your aircraft joins a large fleet giving our aircraft owners better rates allowing you to take advantage of the economies of scale that we offer.
Complete flight support
Whether its solely for your own private use or a hybrid mixed model between charter and private use, GainJet’s team of highly experienced professionals is at your disposal to support all operations of your aircraft to ensure the smoothest and most efficient flights. We handle all aspects of the aircraft operations, so you don’t have to worry. With our complete flight support service, let GainJet give you that stress-free flight that you deserve, every time.