GainJet Aviation


Attention job seekers

Gain Jet wants to alert the community about a concerning issue.

We have been notified that scammers posing as Gain Jet’s employees Training Managers offer Gain Jet open vacancies on job posting online platforms.

Gain Jet Aviation S.A. is devoted to maintaining rigorous safety and integrity standards. These standards not only apply to our operations but also our recruitment processes.

We would to remind you that only our official  LinkedIn page and our official corporate website will contain information about valid job opportunities available within our organization.

We will never ask for personal or financial information prior to an interview, nor will we provide job offers without performing a comprehensive screening and interview procedure.

While looking for job postings, please be aware of any red flags, such as upfront requests for sensitive information, emails, or job offers without interviews, or messages originating from domains other than our corporate domain. Please act with caution and report any suspicious activity immediately to the relevant job posting platform and local law enforcement authorities.

Your caution is critical in helping us to maintain the safety and security of our online community. We are grateful for your vigilance and proactive stance to safeguarding your personal information.

Please contact us directly through the information on the official website should you require any more information or have any questions about our hiring processes.