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The Bombardier Challenger 604 is considered to be one of the most reliable aircraft in its class.

As a medevac aircraft, the CL604’s spacious and wide cabin provides stand-up room of over six feet.
It also offers ample space for medical personnel to attend to patients.

The aircraft features all the necessary medical equipment, including a state-of- the-art stretcher system.
The medical system onboard and cabin configuration have been designed to ensure a convenient patient care environment, while offering absolute comfort for the patient.

Our Bombardier Challenger 604 can accommodate 7 passengers and one patient on the stretcher.
The luxurious appointed interior features comfort for both patients and passengers.

Its 8.5-hour flight range (4,027 nm) is particularly convenient when having to fly patients long distances – reducing, or even eliminating, the need for fuel stops.

The Bombardier Challenger 604 is a well-suited aircraft for any Medevac flight.

Maximum Range 4,350 nm / 9 hours
Maximum Speed 0.88 mach
Maximum Altitude 45,000ft
Maximum Passengers 7 + 1
Cabin Length 13.74m / 45ft 1in
Cabin Width 2.24m / 7ft 4in
Cabin Height 1.88m / 6ft 2in
Sleeping Beds No
Baggage Capacity Volume: 3.68 m³ / 130 ft³
IFE / CD / DVD Yes
Satellite Phone Yes
Flight Attendant Yes
Wi-Fi No
Galley Yes
Cabin Layout
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