GainJet Aviation

Delivered in 2018, our G650ER is capable of flying 7,500 nautical miles (13,900 km; 8,600 mi) at Mach 0.85, due to its additional 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg) of fuel. With a top speed of 0.925 Mach, G650ER holds the speed records in its class, outperformed only by fighter jets. Our G650ER is ETOPS 180 approved, meaning it can fly around the globe with minimum en-route stops. While speed and performance are unparallel, so is comfort. Your journey is relaxing and enjoyable, with a maximum cabin altitude of 4850 ft while cruising at 51.000 ft. It is supplied by fresh ionized air, which is never recirculated. Thanks to the state-of-the-art Cabin Management System, employing a Ka-band ultra-high-speed internet and wide TV screens, your office is in the air with you everywhere on the planet. G650ER cabin has the widest windows available and is as quiet as a whispering breeze. It has the best VIP seats on the market, with two living areas and sleeping accommodations worthy of a five-star hotel. And this class of service is what we deliver. Live up not just a luxury flight but a unique experience worthy of the “Ferrari of the skies”.

Our crews are eager to welcome you onboard.