GainJet Aviation

During 2021, Gainjet renewed and establish systems for crew and passengers regarding safety and security.

  1. IS-BAO
  2. Wingman certification
  3. New cooperation with Medaire 360.

Focusing mainly on hazards that are associated with safety risks of human and organizational factors.
Serious incidents and accidents are identified by Aviation Investigative authorities around the world as the most prolific contributors.
Taking that under consideration,  we effectively revised requirements related to the following risk mitigation strategies.

➤  Stabilized approach criteria for runway excursion prevention.
➤ Upset recovery and prevention training from WYVERN . Held at approved training centers (such as APS) to prevent loss of control during upset conditions.
➤  Combining the experience of both PIC and SIC on type rated aircraft we are able to provide scheduling flexibility

For our crew and safe operation, we have established  Medaire  360 PERSONAL MEDICAL & TRAVEL SAFETY SERVICES providing for both our crew on board and customers below advanced services

  1. Phone-based medical advice & assistance
  2. Phone-based personal safety advice & assistance


  1. MedAire Portal, Travel Security Online, custom reports & email alerts
  2. MedAire Aviation App

Digital Learning Portfolio


  1. Fitness-to-Fly Assessments & Trip Watches
  2. In-flight medical advice & assistance
  3. Medical kits & diagnostic equipment

Medical training

AVIATION SECURITY SERVICES for all destinations 

  1. Security Risk Assessment
  2. 24/7 Intelligence, assessments & advice
  3. Airspace & Go/ No Go Assessments
  4. Aviation Travel Security Briefs (ATSBs)
  5. Hotel Security Advisor

Aviation Alert