GainJet Aviation

GainJet Aviation Part 145 EL.145.0044 hold authority approval for Line Maintenance for our entire fleet. Our MRO operations are fully integrated into the Gainjet Flight OPS and hold a crucial contribution to the unmatched services we provide to our customers. Readily available to maintain the fleet in top-notch condition, our Part 145 engineers and supporting staff work around the clock to meet and exceed safety standards. While this is evident with cost-effective defect rectifications and scheduled maintenance checks in record time, so is their dedication to expanding our capabilities.

On 16 Jul 2022, our CRS engineers completed the B2 type rating conversion course for the Challengers 604/605. The course was delivered by Q.C.M. holding AG, a highly respectable training institution. The entire course has been contacted in person in our facilities, adding value to the training outcome.

This training, combined with advanced tooling and test devices, will allow our P-145 facility to respond more timely and even more cost-effective to every future demand. Challengers 604/605 are the backbone of our fleet, and expanding the in-house capabilities is a strategic decision that strengthens the company’s resilience.

Well done to everyone involved!

Gain the skies with GainJet!